Drilling and Tapping

Up to now I’ve always done the traditional hole tapping sequence.  Use a drill to make an undersized hole, dig out the relevant tap and cut threads.

Then I found THESE on eBay purely by chance.  You know what it’s like sometimes searching for something, unless you know some magical key words you’ll get all the usual dross turn up.  Try it, search for Drill and Thread Tap and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyways, I ordered one to try out which turned up on Saturday, and WOW.  Why had I never seen these before??

I’ve since knackered the … Continue reading

New Site Features!

Well folks, I’ve been grafting.  We have a few new site features (some you’ll see, some are in the background!)

First up, Airgun Calculators

It took a while (too much of a while tbh!) but I finally got the scripts right for the airgun calculators.  Converting silly numbers was never so easy!  So if you don’t know your metres from your bars, get yourself over and have a play!

Umarex Gauntlet

So a new rifle has been announced by Umarex USA, the Gauntlet.  Whilst I keep abreast of the new arrivals on the air gun scene, I’m often thinking to myself of the modding possibilities.  With that thought process comes cost and parts availability.

The first thing that struck me about this new rifle was the cost.  In the US it’s looking to retail for around $300.  I’ve dealt with Umarex in a previous life, selling paintball related equipment, so that price would translate roughly directly to around £300, this was corroborated by BAR on their facebook page of a circa … Continue reading


Welcome Folks!

You’ll see from the forum side of things that the site has been up and running for a couple of months.  This was to get everything tuned and working just right, and so far … it is.

So, what’s the reason for it’s existence?  Frankly, I wanted somewhere for the modders and tinkerists to go to talk and share so far as air rifles (and anything else really) is concerned.  There’s a vast wealth of knowledge out there, if you look really hard, but I figured it might be cool to share that know how.

We’re aiming to … Continue reading