New Site Features!

Well folks, I’ve been grafting.  We have a few new site features (some you’ll see, some are in the background!)

First up, Airgun Calculators

It took a while (too much of a while tbh!) but I finally got the scripts right for the airgun calculators.  Converting silly numbers was never so easy!  So if you don’t know your metres from your bars, get yourself over and have a play!

Forum Features

I’ve also managed to expand the features in the forum to be able to offer you a much more immersive experience.  Now links to YouTube, photo bucket, etc… well, they work!  The same goes for files uploads, including the ability to upload some quite specialised files for 3D printing!

As always, if there’s a feature you’d like to see on the site, shout up in the forum, and I’ll see if I can accommodate 😀


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