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You’ll see from the forum side of things that the site has been up and running for a couple of months.  This was to get everything tuned and working just right, and so far … it is.

So, what’s the reason for it’s existence?  Frankly, I wanted somewhere for the modders and tinkerists to go to talk and share so far as air rifles (and anything else really) is concerned.  There’s a vast wealth of knowledge out there, if you look really hard, but I figured it might be cool to share that know how.

We’re aiming to have some cool articles around various elements of design, manufacture, remanufacture, and custom work.  The next upgrade to the site will be the addition of a user project casebook.  Facebook is great for immediate sharing, however, it is exactly that.  Immediate (along with some cool posts about how your life could be better if you shared a virtual penny, video of funny kittens, etc).  Forums are great for sharing ideas, however topics can quickly go off track (which is sometimes a good thing), but they’re essential the well in the town square for everyone to have a natter.  The Project Casebook will allow you to have complete focus on showboating your current projects (and past ones if you like) from start to finish.  You’ll be able to include subsections, so if there’s a particular area of improvement that you want to highlight in greater detail in a project, you’ll be able to do that.  Effectively it’ll give you a build manual for your rifle in one cohesive space.

If you have any ideas or thoughts on the direction of the site… post them up!  This isn’t one persons site, I’d like to think it’s more a conduit to sharing and actively look forward to constructive feedback.

So kick back, chillax and get involved.




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